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Laptop Keyboard Repair & Replacement

Laptop keyboard Repair

Hi all, We provide professional keyboard repairs or replacements for any make and model laptop. If your Laptop keyboard has stop working completely or if only a couple of keys stop working we can help. Most keyboard repairs are either due 8 common issues. Cost of repair varies depending on Make and model. Repairs start at $35

You should budget between $65 – $135 for a Laptop keyboard Replacement.

Laptop Keyboard Repair explained.

1. The connection from the keyboard to the mainboard has been dislodged or needs to be serviced
2. Broken or Missing keys but the button still works
3. Broken Mechanism below the key.
4. Some keys do not spring back up after being depressed.
5. A key has stopped working but the press works fine.
6. The Brains of the keyboard is the keyboard membrane.
7. The machine has been liquid damaged, some or no keys work.
8. A couple of manufacturers integrate the keyboard into the palm rest (Some Apple and Toshiba’s which would require an entire palm rest replacement.

This is a brief explanation of the most common Laptop keyboard design. Its more complicated than you think.

Laptop Keyboard Repair
Laptop Keyboard Repair Explained

The actual keyboard design is more complicated than you think, to understand what maybe required for your repair, we will provide a brief description & common faults that could cause issues with your Laptop Keyboard.

Keyboard Ribbon Cabel
Laptop Keyboard Ribbon Cable

1. The connection from the keyboard to the mainboard has been dislodged or needs to be serviced. If your Laptop keyboard has stopped responding all together it could be as simple as the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the mainboard. The cable may have come dislodged or requires cleaning. This can be quite a common repair. Due to it being a mobile device and continues use of the Laptop keyboard the cable may get dislodged, in some instance we also find that dirt, dust can be a cause of your laptop keyboard to stop functioning. This is an easy fix that simply requires disassembly and cleaning.

We do recommend having your Laptop serviced once a year CLICK here to find out more.

Broken Laptop Key Repair
Repair of broken laptop keys

2. Broken or Missing keys but the button still works.  You have broken keys on your laptop keyboard but the actual key still works when struck, it can be a very easy and inexpensive repair Broken or worn laptop keys can be replaced at minimal cost. In most instances we can simply replace the key that are broken or worn, you will need to determine whether you require the key only or the mechanism underneath the key may also need replacement.

Laptop Key Mechanism
The mechanism that aligns the key to your keyboard

3. Broken Mechanism below the key. Most keyboards have a mechanism just under the actual plastic button that your fingers strike. With continues use or physical damage the mechanisms can dislodge and break. This repair is easy when you have the matching part. You must be very careful replacing the mechanism as it is quite tricky as it must clip into the keyboard body and the button at the same time, the mechanism is quite fragile if all parts are not aligned properly there is a high risk of damage. Infect with some popular models it more cost effective to replace the entire keyboard.

The actual key you see below has clips on the underneath that secures your key to the mechanism that holds the key in place.

Laptop Key Repair
Laptop Key Repair

The Rubber Support is what actually pushes the key back up, after you pressed it.

Keyboard Repair
Rubber Support that pushes your Key back up

4. Some keys do not spring back up after being depressed. If you have a key that depresses but not spring back up but the key is secure in the keyboard , you may have a torn or damaged rubber dome or silicone dome. This dome is the part the pushes the laptop key back up after its been depressed. This is not a common repair but again easily repaired if the mechanism and the key are in good condition. With common and widely sold brands it may still be cheaper to replace theentire keyboard.

In the image below you can see a small circle, this is an aluminium dome cap that registers  your that the laptop key has been depressed.

Key Stroke
This is what registers the key stroke

5. A key has stopped working but the press works fine. A single or a couple of Laptop keyboard key have stopped working. If there is no obvious physical damage it could be that the small dome cap under the key has collapsed. See image. These dome caps are the actual mechanical connection that electronically registers the key stroke. The entire keyboard would need to be replaced.

Finally the last piece is the keyboard membrane, this is the part that connects all the buttons to a flex cable, which plugs into the mainboard.

Laptop Keyboard Membrane
Laptop Keyboard Membrane

6. The Brains of the keyboard is the keyboard membrane. If your laptop keyboard does not work at all or only has a couple of keys not working, the keyboard button depress ok and there is no Liquid damage. It could be that the fine membrane below the keyboard has deteriorated which would mean that the entire keyboard needs to be replaced. These repairs can be quite inexpensive, common Laptop models keyboards can cost as little as $95.00

Laptop Keyboard Repair
Liquid Damage Keyboard Repair

7. The machine has been liquid damaged, some or no keys work. Liquid damage is also a common reason for your Laptop Keyboard to stop responding, the membrane that inter connects the key shorts, so the keys stop responding, in this instant a complete laptop keyboard replacement is required. Most new laptop have additional channels and boarders that will trap liquid and stop it from entering the laptop, downside being the Laptop keyboard needs to be replaced.

The Acer one series promotes this as a feature in their Acer One series. Any spilt water is channeled into exit ports at the bottom of the laptop check out the video here

Here is also some information on Liquid Damage Laptop Repairs CLICK here

Integrated Keyboard
Integrated Keyboard

8. A couple of manufacturers integrate the keyboard into the palm rest.  Keyboard and Palm Rest Replacement is the most expensive Laptop Keyboard Repair. Some manufacturers plastic weld the keyboard into the palm rest of the Laptop. This makes it almost impossible to properly replace the keyboard without alignment issues. You can break the plastic welds and remove the keyboard, you may also be able to get a replacement keyboard, the problem being that at the time of manufacture the keyboard provides stability to the palm rest, by for fully removing the welded keyboard it can easily damage the palm rest and even if you do not break the palm rest, aligning the keyboard and ensuring it stays aligned is very difficult…. And Yes, we have tried it… numerous times ????

If you have any further question or do need a Laptop Keyboard Repair. You can contact us on 3077 6603

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