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Our Services

We have 16 years’ experience and a fully equipped workshop to make any trouble-shooting, cost effective and timely.

Hardware Service

Much like a car most PC’s and laptop’s require periodic hardware servicing. Due to the increased capability of laptops these days, they produce a lot of heat, to disperse the heat additional cooling fans draw air through the machine which in turn also draws in dust. Dust build up will block vents, fans, cooling systems and heat sinks.

If this blockage is left the system will experience issues;

* Constants fans running,
* Extreme heat from vents,
* Intermittent video errors,
* Laptop shutting itself down to protect itself,
* Intermittently not starting,
* The dreaded blue screen of dead BSOD,

And eventually hardware failure!!!

What is involved in a Laptop service

Dust – the laptop needs to be disassembled and any dust needs to be vacuumed out rather than blown out. If the laptop is blown out the dust will embed itself in the numerous small ports, sockets and mechanism which can contribute to ongoing issues.

The cooling system – The processor, video cards and heat sinks will be cleaned and new thermal paste applied to ensure that the heat is transferred into the cooling system properly.

Alignment – this is a crucial part, upon reassembly the unit cannot just be just screwed together, due to the number of small mainboards, sockets, ribbon cables and ports the machine needs to have even pressure applied to all screws to allow correct alignment of all components of the laptop, only then can each component be tested on its own integrity.

Testing – Once the machine is re-assembled each component hard disc, video card, memory, processor can be tested for performance and reliability.

So if any of the above problems arise … it may just be a hardware service.

LCD Laptop Repairs

We replace and repair damaged laptop screens, all brands, makes and models. Most broken Laptop screens are repaired within 24 hours, all notebook screens are tested and guaranteed for no dead pixels, line faults or contract issues and are backed by 12 month warranty.

Laptop screen replacements start from $95

Laptop Keyboard Replacements

Your laptop keyboard can fail due to wear and tear or something being spilt on it… which is most common. We will replace your broken laptop keyboard in generally 24 hours.

Laptop Keyboard replacements start from as little as $65

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Can't be without a laptop? We can provide loan laptops whilst yours is in for repair

Laptop Charging Socket Repair

Yes, this can be fixed, due to the design of the charging plug (sticks out) it’s common for the charging plug to put pressure on the internal charging socket (caused by charging whilst on your bed, on your lap or any other soft surface) combine this with the heat generated from charging, can cause a break where the internal charging socket connects to the mainboard thus giving you intermittent charging. So, if you have to position the charging plug in a particular way for you notebook starts charging, you can be pretty confident, this is the problem.

Generally only a labour charge staring at $65

Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

The answer here is act fast, depending on the type of liquid it is important to firstly remove any power and the battery, as this speeds up the corrosion process.

Your laptop will be completely disassembled and any moisture removed. The component will then be washed down with a special solution to remove any residual impurities, from what was spilt; sugar, salt, etc.
The Laptop will then have a full hardware service only then can we assess the laptop to identify any further damage, the chance of the unit being fixed after performing this treatment is quite high.

Liquid damage repair without parts start from $129


Laptop LCD repairs from $129Charging socket repair from $65
Insurance Quotes click here or call today 31036763Pickup and delivery arranged call now 31036763

Laptop Liquid Damage – “Heat Treatment”

If the laptop fault persists we can provide and optional “Heat treatment” The laptop mainboard is strapped into a jig, the mainboard is then heated up to a temperature where the solder softens allowing the surface mount and soldered components to make a renewed connection to the mainboard. A lot of the time this resolves incorrect voltages across the mainboard.

***Should the unit still have issues we will provide a quote, or provide an insurance quote if applicable.

Laptop LCD Not working

Is your Laptop Screen not working, but it isn’t cracked? This could be caused by a faulty or not correctly aligned ribbon cable that runs through the hinge and connects the LCD to the mainboard. The is a common fault and is easily fixed, depending on the Laptop model this repair can

Cost as little as $65

Laptop Screen Working intermittently

This could be caused by the laptop LCD ribbon cable (see above) or it could relate to the video card. The laptop video card can fail due to heat which means it could be fixed with a hardware service or the video card needs to be replaced.

Laptop video card could cost $65

Missing Laptop Keys

Is your Laptop keyboard working ok, but you’re missing keys? We can help with missing keys. We have a large variety in stock or we can order them in at fraction of a full Laptop keyboard replacement.

Missing Laptop Key replacement start from $9

Intermittent Laptop keyboard Problems

Can be easily resolved with hardware servicing. As Laptop are very mobile, it is not uncommon for “things” to get loose and stop making a clean connection causing intermittent faults.

Keyboard Realignment cost around $45

Data Recovery (Basic) & Software Repairs

Be it that your machine does not boot and you need the data recovered or it’s a software issue like stuck in windows updates or not booting into windows. We can resolve any laptop software issues.

Starting at $89

Laptop Hard Disc Replacement

Due to the design of laptop these days it is not easy to replace or upgrade faulty hard disc in Laptop’s. We can assist with all laptop hard disc replacements. Be it that your hard disc has failed or you need to upgrade because your laptop hard disc has run out of space.

Labour charge to install a new Laptop Hard drive starts at $45

Over Heating of Laptop

This is a common problem, again due to the design of the cooling systems, the fan setup, draws air into the laptop through the cooling system and out of the laptop. Dust gets built up in the cooling system, which makes the fans run consistently to try and keep the Laptop running at an operating temp. Once the Laptop’s temperature rises above it nominated temperature it will shut the laptop down. In some cases the cooling fan or unit need to be replaced.

Average fan assembly cost $25 + Labour

Laptop not powering on

This could be caused by something as simple as faulty power supply or it could be a hardware service that fixes the problem, either way we provide a FREE quote so you know exactly what your costs will be.

Software and Virus Removal

No problem, our main objective with this type of work is to remove any offending software without any data loss or having to reconfigure your internet, email accounts or load any software. In most cases we are successful at this. The computers that do need to be reformatted to resolve the problem, all data is backed up and cleaned from any nasties, once the new windows installation is complete we will put your data back into their original location, we are happy to install any software you have, activate it and update it as well.

And of course we provide solutions so you will not find yourself in this position again.

Laptop virus removal starts at $95

Laptop Running Slow

This could be hardware or software related, we are happy to provide a free quote on what is required to repair the system.

Data Recovery

There are several different option of recovering data from your laptop, the below are to be used as a guide only.


Remove hard disc from computer and configure to backup server, backup selected data to another medium, scan recovered data for infections/virus, prepare backed up data to extract/secure data as per customer’s request.


Remove hard disc from computer and configure to backup server, ghost data to another medium, scan recovered data for infections/virus, prepare backed up data to extract/secure data as per customer’s request.


Remove hard disc from computer and configure to backup server, configure software to extract undamaged data to an image, check image integrity, extract to another medium, scan recovered data for infections/virus, prepare backed up data to extract/secure data as per customer’s request.


Remove hard disc from computer and configure to backup server, run numerous diagnostic tools, prepare hard disc for optimum conditions to retrieve data, perform sector repair, intense scan to retrieve data, check file integrity, check individual file for corruption, extract recovered data to another medium, check image integrity, scan recovered data for infections/virus, prepare backed up data to extract/secure data as per customer’s request.

Insurance Quotes

We can help! In some instances a Laptop maybe beyond economical repair. If you’re insurer requires a quote we are happy to provide and comprehensive insurance quote and options of a replacement laptop.

As all components of your laptop need to be asses on their own merit it does take 48 hours to provide the report and we are happy to fax it straight through to your insurer.

Software Repairs / Data Recovery at

And of course assist with any software problems, Virus removal, servicing and hard disc drive data recovery etc.
are all no problem.

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