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MacBook Repair Brisbane

MacBook Repair Brisbane. If you have an issue with your MacBook give us a call or drop into our workshop. We have been provided professional MacBook repairs for the past 17 years. We only use genuine parts and have an international supply change to assist us in resolving any MacBook repairs.

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• Macbook Battery Replacement
• MacBook Screen Repair
• MacBook Charging Socket Repair
• Keyboard Replacement
• General Service
• Software Repair
• Water Damage
• Hard Drive
• Ram Upgrade

MacBook  Battery  Replacement

We provide Apple MacBook battery replacements throughout the greater Brisbane area. We replace all MacBook & MacBook Air batteries. We only use genuine Apple batteries in all our Apple MacBook battery replacements.

Click here for MacBook Battery Replacement price’s.

If you have the following symptoms, it’s probably time to change your MacBook battery.
1. Poor Battery Life is the obvious one. If your MacBook Battery is not lasting as long as it used to, even after a full charge, then it will be time to change your battery.
2. Your MacBook trackpad is not working properly, the battery maybe swelling and putting pressure on the trackpad causing it to not “click” properly or track accurately.

The image below shows what could happen if the problem is ignored.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Damaged MacBook from a Swollen MacBook Battery

3. MacBook Battery Thermal overload can cause devastating damage to your MacBook, In some cases if leakage occurs, it could cause irreparable damage to your MacBook. Once a MacBook battery goes into Thermal Overload, it will continue swell which will damage and warp the track pad, palm rest or back plate. In some instances, the swelling can occur over night, on a single charge cycle or slowly swell over weeks and month.

If the battery is not replaced it could be pierced by the surrounding enclosure and battery acid could leak throughout your MacBook rendering it beyond economical repair.

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MacBook Screen Repair Brisbane

We can assist with all your MacBook Screen replacements, be it you have a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro Retina, we can supply and install a replacement MacBook screen for you.

MacBook Screen Repairs

MacBook Screen Replacements Brisbane

With most MacBook’s screen repairs the entire Lid of the MacBook needs to be replaced, this includes the actual LCD screen front bezel, rear lid, camera and WIFI antenna’s. Needless to say, this can be quite expensive but still cheaper than buying a replacement MacBook. The MacBook Screen replacement can take a couple of hours, all screens are tested for dead pixels, are genuine Apple and come with full warranty.

Click Here to see our Apple MacBook Screen replacement cost.


MacBook Charging Socket Repair

This can be a tricky one, if you MacBook has a charging problem ie; You do still have battery life but connecting the charger does not charge the unit… please confirm the following;

Try a different charger to ensure the charging issue is not with your original charger
Clean your MacBook charger plug and clean the charging socket on your MacBook

If you’re MacBook has a flat battery and does not charge, but you have a charge light on the charger, leave it connected for up to 5 hours, it could simply be that the battery has fallen below its 1-volt threshold and will need to trickle charge before showing charge or turning on.

With some MacBook’s we do need to replace the charging socket as it may be damaged.

Charging problems normally are not related to battery issues.

MacBook Charging Socket Repairs

We offer FREE Pickup and Delivery

If your MacBook is not holding charge or switching off when the charger is removed, it’s a battery issue. CLICK here for MacBook Battery replacement cost.


MacBook Keyboard replacement

We provide Apple MacBook keyboard replacements and palm rest replacements. If you’re having issues with a MacBook Keyboard we can help, not all MacBook’s are a simple keyboard replacement, some MacBook require a whole palm rest replacement. Depending on the model of your MacBook the keyboard is integrated (glued into the palm rest) this means, to do the job properly the whole palm rest requires replacement.

MacBook Keyboard Replacements

MacBook Keyboard Repairs

Give us a call with your Macbook model number and we can give you a keyboard replacement price for your MacBook PH 07 3077 6603.

Can’t find your model number?  Click here »


General Service

If your MacBook is running hot, intermittently switches off, and has video errors… You may need a hardware service.

With the increased capability and power of today’s MacBook’s, they produce a lot more heat, to disperse the heat additional fans are added to keep the system at a normal operating temperature.

The additional cooling fans do a great job of circulation fresh air through the system, unfortunately they also draw in a lot of dust. Dust build up will block vents, fans, cooling systems / heat sink/s.

Once the airflow gets restricted a MacBook can display all sort of strange errors.

If a blockage is left the system will experience issues;

* Fans constantly running, or constantly ramping up.

* Extreme heat from vents,

* Intermittent video errors,

* Thermal Shutdown, If the laptop gets too hot it will shut itself down to protect itself

* Intermittently not starting,

* The dreaded Kernel Panic error screen,

And eventually hardware failure!!!


Here is what a hardware service consists of;

Dust – the laptop needs to be disassembled and any dust needs to be vacuumed out rather than blown out. If the laptop is blown out the dust can embed itself in the numerous small ports, sockets and mechanism which can contribute to ongoing issues.

MacBook Service

MacBook Service Center

The cooling system – The processor, video cards and heat sinks will be cleaned, and new thermal paste applied to ensure that the heat is transferred into the cooling system.

Macbook General Service

MacBook Hardware Service

Alignment – this is a crucial part, upon reassembly the unit cannot just be just screwed together, due to the number of small mainboards, sockets, ribbon cables and ports.

The machine needs to have even pressure applied to all screws to allow correct alignment of all components of the laptop, only then can each component be tested on its own.

Macbook General Service

MacBook Hardware Service


Software Repair

We can assist with all your MacBook software issues, if you’re having trouble with your MacBook not booting, upgrading or running slow, we can help.

Over time your MacBook can get cluttered with apps and software, if they are set to start when you turn the MacBook on, it could drastically affect the performance of your machine. It is also not uncommon for malware / viruses to attack the machine.

We can help in optimizing your machine or are happy to backup all your data and perform a full reset for your iOS, installing the latest and correct version is also crucial to the performance of your MacBook.

MacBook Service Center

MacBook Software Repair

Give us a call on 07 3077 6603 and don’t forget to Like us on Facebook.


Water Damage

We provide repairs for water damage on all MacBook’s. Numerous factors can come into play such as, the type of liquid whether it is orange juice or tap water the former being worse as it is acidic, the amount of liquid spilt and the location of the spill.

Saying that we have fixed many different types of Liquid damage.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

IF YOU KNOW YOUR MACBOOK HAS LIQUID DAMAGE – There is no point taking it to Apple as it will be rejected, they will check the liquid indicators and there are numerous all over the internals of your MacBook, if they have been triggered it will be immediately rejected.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair

With liquid damage you need to act FAST, DO NOT try and turn it on, DO NOT try and charge it,

Corrosion starts immediately.

Once we receive the unit it is immediately disassembled, and the battery is removed to slow the corrosion process. We then remove any moisture and impurities from your MacBook. Next is a full hardware service (click here to learn more about MacBook Hardware service)

The unit will now be fully reassembled and tested to identify any issues, in some instances this is all that is required to repair the machine.

If the MacBook has further issues, we look at replacing the affected components ie; WIFI cards, RAM, etc.  If we have issues with a surface mount component, this is a glued component on the mainboard that cannot be replaced) we will move forward to perform a heat treatment on the affected part / component.

Heat Treatment – involves your MacBook mainboard or not functioning component being strapped into a jig which heats the components to a temperature where the solder softens, we then apply fluxes which allows the component to reseat itself to the mainboard. The MacBook is than reassembled and tested.

Contact us for a free Quote today Ph 07 3077 6603 or chat with us on our website.


Hard Drive

If your finding that your MacBook is running slow or your do not have enough storage, we can assist.

We provide upgrade for all Apple MacBook’s. Upgrading your MacBook Hard drive to a SSD (Solid State Disk) will significantly increase the working speed to your MacBook. Your MacBook will start in a significantly shorter time and perform all tasks faster.

The type of MacBook you have will determine the type of SSD hard disc that is required for the upgrade. Some MacBook’s use an older style architecture which is a 2.5” hard disc which can be a fairly easy upgrade.

The MacBook Air’s being a smaller size, utilizes a different style of Solid State Hard Disc. These are generally more expensive, and you need to ensure that the you get the correct drive for your model number, year is also important.  Below is a photo of the different types:

MacBook M2 type Solid State

MacBook M2 SSD Hard Drive Upgrade

2.5 Logical Hard Disc Replacement

MacBook Hard Disc

MacBook 2.5 Solid State Hard Disc Upgrade

MacBook 2.5 Solid State Hard Disc


Ram upgrade

If your MacBook is running slow, we can assist in upgrading the memory to make it run faster. The important part of each upgrade is to ensure you have the correct speed of ram for your MacBook, so it’s not the amount of RAM, 4Gb or 8GB it’s the speed of the ram.

The correct “speed” is identified by the model of the machine and is measured in MHz which could be 1867mhz or 2666mhz.

The speed of the Ram is determined by the motherboard.

MacBook Memory Upgrade

MacBook Ram Upgrade

The other consideration when upgrading Ram in your MacBook is the number of slots that you have available. If you would like to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB and your original 8Gb consist of 2 x 4Gb Ram modules, you will need to purchase 2 x 8GB ram modules.

Macbook Ram Upgrade

MacBook Memory Upgrade

If you need a need a repair MacBook repaired, we are here to help. You can call us for a free Quote on 07 3077 6603 chat on our website or contact us through Facebook.

Software Repairs / Data Recovery at

And of course assist with any software problems, Virus removal, servicing and hard disc drive data recovery etc.
are all no problem.

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